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Troy Berg - Drums


Troy began playing drums as a kid in the 70s. By the time he was 18 he was drumming in gigging bands. 

He began the search to create within an original band, gigging with Product, Droplet, Greg Herriges, and playing on several albums. The most notable being ST. CRY, who just released a new record after a 20 year hiatus from their busy tenure in the 90s.

Troy remained playing in many cover bands and was in 3 other original recording bands, joining the kick ass, Smell My Pillow in 2010, where he remains still.

He's also played in RUSH & Stone Temple Pilots tribute bands.

His passion for drumming continues with 7teez, playing the fantastic music from a favorite era, within which he first began, blah, blah, blah,de blah.

"I love playing with my wife, Teena, son, Elijah, and new friend a terrific guitarist, Todd."


Elijah Berg - Bass


Elijah Deaton-Berg is a Minnesota record producer and engineer who plays bass and sings in several original rock groups which include ST. CRY, Fire at the Falls, and Smell My Pillow. He graduated with a 4 year degree in music production from McNally Smith College of Music and has been establishing himself as a DIY music producer in the Twin Cities rock and alt-rock music scenes under the title King Creation. His playing style is influenced primarily by rock icons Chris Squier and Geddy Lee, as well as various other grunge and alternative rock groups of recent years. 

He lends his meticulous crafting of tones to 7teez out of his love for 70s rock recordings.


Teena Berg - Vocals, Keys


Growing up in a very small town in the center of very thick northern woods of Wisconsin – a child of the 70s, Teena discovered an exciting world singing for hours with 45 records or with the radio, entering every talent show in school and begging to stay longer at any social or town event that offered a live rock band. Her music dreams grew to the soundtrack of the Beatles, Elvis, the Carpenters, Heart and so many other artists - she would pursue a life long singing career writing and recording music with ST. CRY as well as working with various cover projects. Today, she celebrates a new ST. CRY CD release, "Hippie Killers", as well as the birth of this new band – a celebration of the fantastic music of one of her favorite decades – 7teez.


Todd Mikkelson - Guitar


Todd began as a drummer in 1977. By 1980 he was on lead guitar.

He began recording and producing which lead to tv spots and film tracks. 

He hit the road, playing in various bands as keyboards, guitar, vocals, and sometimes drums finally forming the experimental project, Mood School. They earned prominence in Dallas and Minneapolis, releasing a few records into the 90s.

His experimental project ****Agenda was awarded City Pages best industrial music release of 1995, and BLANK toured regionally and released two CDs of some of Todd's best songs.

Then, just for fun, Todd formed A Fixx of Seagulls, gaining popularity as an 80s cover band around the Minnesota region playing many clubs and large festival venues. They were known for their meticulous re-creations of the original recordings they covered.

He produced, recorded, and played on recordings and live for Emmaline Muchmore. They released two CDs and were invited to tour England in summer, 2007.

After sitting out for too long, Todd sought new people to play with, having no ambition other than having fun playing music he loves. Troy, Teena, and Elijah were the perfect people to meet. The four had similar passion for the great songs of the 70s, and for reproducing the tones of those recordings as accurately as possible.


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